Consulting Services

We offer Contract Staffing, Contract-to-Hire, and Permanent Placement services. The service we provide are uniquely effective in that all recruiting efforts are conducted using our Process-Based Recruiting approach. Recruiting for current requirements (reactive recruiting) primarily draws from our proprietary database of pre-qualified candidates. Anticipated requirements are recruited on as far in advance as possible so that when they are current, the search is faster and reaches a much deeper segment of the candidate pool. The end result is that you find better qualified candidates in less time." 

Why it works?

   We build relationships with candidates. We are genuinely interested in helping them find positions that best suit their needs. We maintain contact with them as their careers progress and we usually know when they are ready to find a new position before that information is posted to a job board.

  We have years of experience in proactive recruiting and have created a highly detailed process through which we ensure the quality and consistency of the candidates we pre-qualify.

   We have divided our recruiting teams into ‘technology practices’ that allows individual recruiters to build expertise in specific technology areas, and thus more effectively search for and qualify candidates.

   Our database contains candidates that are available but not found anywhere else.

How it Works?

Our account managers will establish a relationship with you not only to understand your existing staffing requirements, but to help plan for future ones. One of the first tasks the account manager will volunteer to do is a technology survey and forecast. This allows Global Consultant's  team to not only address current requirements, but help plan for anticipated ones. The survey is conducted as brief interviews with client management. Alternatively clients may provide us with the information and using this data, we will begin a reactive search for current requirements and a proactive search for upcoming ones.

As our Proactive Team finds and pre-qualifies candidates, information about these candidates is entered into our customized applicant tracking system (ATS). This powerful system allows us to enter virtually every relevant detail about a candidate and facilitates continued contact with them. The ATS is accessed by our Reactive Team when new requirements arise or forecast requirements become current. Access to the ATS is also available to clients, who may view the entire pool of candidates pre-qualified for their requirements.