Recruiting Process Outsourcing

Let us help you make your current recruiting operation a highly cost effective and efficient recruiting process.  Through our Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering, we provides clients with recruiting resources to help search for, pre-qualify and refresh information about candidates. By utilizing our Process-Based Recruiting approach, our RPO will ensure that your team gets the staff they need, when they need it and within their budget.


   Scalable service can expand when anticipated requirements increase.

   Our RPO costs a fraction of what a comparable in-house or contract recruiter would charge.

   Saves valuable time of costly in-house and contract recruiters by allowing them to focus on work that can only be performed locally, such as in-person screening.

   Gets continuous resume flow, even for hard-to-fill job orders

   Increases submissions and hit rate.

   Creates a business that easily scales.

What is RPO?

Recruiting Process Outsourcing provides clients with a virtual recruiter.

  Substantial cost savings
   Nearly equivalent experience and skills


   Increased efficiency of client recruiters
   Higher hit rate and more thorough searches
   Increased overall revenue
   Ability to quickly and effectively scale

Service Offerings

Reactive Recruiting

  Recruiters work on active job orders

Proactive Recruiting

   Recruiters build pipeline for upcoming client job orders

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