Process-Based Recruiting - Overview

Finding the right consultant or employee for a position requires tremendous resources that for most companies are typically focused on a single, frantic search. Inevitably, candidates found during the search represent a narrow slice of a much wider candidate pool – a mere snapshot in time of candidates that are available at the moment the search is active. The result is that companies don’t get the best candidates or are forced to push out their project timelines to find them.

We provide a comprehensive strategy, our Process-Based Recruiting approach that overcomes this classic recruiting constraint. It usually begins well in advance of the client’s needs and culminates in the timely placement of the best possible candidates. Global Consultancy's approach provides clients with an efficient and easy solution, a single point of contact at Global, and leverages our extensive resources to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Process-Based Recruiting - Benefits

   Access to a very large pool of candidates recruited over a longer period of time.
   Faster submission times as candidates are drawn primarily from a pre-qualified pool of candidates.
   Improved quality of candidates.
   More control over the quality and cost of candidates because of a longer recruiting cycle.
   Better ability to plan projects with a pre-qualified pool of candidates recruited in advance of the project.